Bareboat charters or skippered charters
bareboat charters
Bareboat charters or skippered charters

Bareboat charters or skippered charters. Υou can’t decide what charter to choose; We are here to help you!

Read below the differences between a skippered and a bareboat charter, as well as the advantages of each charter separately

Bareboat Charter

When you charter bareboat, you are fully responsible for the boat and your trip.

This includes navigation, sailing, mooring, and anchoring. Also, you are fully responsible for the safety of the crew.

The bareboat charter offers ultimate freedom and privacy. You have the flexibility to select the boat of your choice: the yacht you dream to command!

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Also with the bareboat charter, you get the chance to develop your full itinerary for each day of your holidays.

It is in your hands all the vacation planning and your “duty” to discover hidden places and bays. Your sailing holidays are mirroring your ideas.

To choose a bareboat charter you need to be an excellent sailor with a great experience. Also, you need to have all the required certificates and an appropriate sailing license (ICC).

One more important thing is to have the ability to understand the Greek waters and Greek weather!

A bareboat charter is such a unique adventure!

Skippered charters

Skippered charter, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you have never chartered before, or you are not qualified, or you do not have enough experience to feel confident handling a yacht on your own.

In a few words, skippered charter mean that you will have a professional skipper with you on your trip.

The experienced Skipper has a piece of excellent knowledge in the desired sailing area. The skipper will talk with you about your itinerary and what can realistically be achieved during your charter.

Together you will find the perfect sailing route you can take and which places to visit.

Decisions will be based on weather conditions, crew ability, sailing distances, the best places to visit and, most importantly, safety.

Please keep in mind the skipper must have his cabin and he must be provided with food and drinks.

Are you a sailing beginner? Skippered charter is a great way to learn how to sail.

Are you an advanced sailor? Skippered charter is a great way to enjoy your holidays. In this way, you can truly enjoy the beautiful sight while sailing along the Greek islands, without being stressed.

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