Terms & Conditions
Please read carefully our terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Booking

One week Saturday-Friday (7 nights) Check-in Saturday 17.00 p.m Check-out Saturday 9.00 a.m.
On the booking platform you may reserve the 7 nights Saturday-Friday, totaling 1 week and you may add as many weeks as needed. We do not accept booking for single days or scattered dates. You can book multiple weeks.

Presented Models are True Models

The catamaran models, names and equipment describe are valid descriptions of our fleet and are identical to your booking items. The displayed catamaran videos and pictures are identical to your booking items and are identical to the allocated vessels through the individual booking pages. We own our vessels and do not swap with other companies.

Booking Prices

There is an additional surcharge of 250 euros for the Lagoon 50 and 200 euros for the Lagoo 450 which is payed by the client upon picking up (check in) the catamaran. This amount covers the following: (a) Linen covers and towels, (b) Gasoline for the outboard, (c) Cooking gas and (d) Cleaning fees.
Apart from the above fixed charge, the booking prices quoted are net, all inclusive and tax inclusive. No more charges are applicable except in the case of damages, losses or accidents which are honored from your security deposit.

Total Fee Payment

1st deposit payment 30% of price transferred in the following bank account, latest 5 days after booking confirmation, otherwise the charter will be canceled. In case of late payment Lagoon Nepa reserves the right to cancel the booking.

2nd deposit payment 70% of price transferred in the following bank account, latest 30 days before arrival, otherwise the charter will be canceled. In case of late payment Lagoon Nepa reserves the right to cancel the booking.

Security Deposit for Damages, Losses, Accidents

A security deposit (for Lagoon 50 of 5000 euros and 3500 EUR for Lagoon 450) is requested upon arrival in cash or credit card.

Cancellation Policy & Refunds

You may cancel your reservation with a refund, minus a fee equal to 50% of the deposit fee, at the latest 2 calendar months before the booked date of your client’s sailing departure.
For cancellations that occur after the 2 calendar month limit, between 59 days and the day and time of your departure, the deposit and full payment are non-refundable.

Bareboat Charters

For bareboat charter with Lagoon 50 two sailing licenses (from two different crew members/ one each) are compulsory.

For bareboat charter with Lagoon 450 one sailing license is compulsory, plus one co-skipper ( in case of co-skipper not having a valid sailing license, a ‘Declaration’ is necessary)

Accepted sailing license :

– License for Sailing Yacht
– International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
– Valid for: Offshore
– Command sailing vessels up to 15 meters

In bareboat charters, the sailing licenses must be sent to us along with the booking confirmation.

– The licenses must be in English language or translated
– Day skipper license is not accepted by Greek authorities.
– The skipper is obliged to keep on board an updated authorized crew list at all times. In case of check of port authorities, there is a penalty for no updated crew list. The skipper will pay all the penalties.

Lagoon Nepa reserves the right to decline a sailing license not recognized or accepted by the Greek Port Authorities and/or our Insurance Company.

Lagoon Nepa reserves the right to oblige the charterers hiring a skipper if any doubt as to their sailing skills arises during embarkation. The charterer will pay the additional cost for the skipper.

Skippered Charters

Our yachts can be offered with crew (skipper, hostess) for skippered charters. These charters are recommended for people who are not qualified or for those who do not have enough experience to feel confident handling a yacht themselves.


1 week Saturday-Friday (6 nights) and clients can extend this for as many weeks as they need.
We recommend a minimum of 1-2 week to get enough time to sail the Greek islands and coasts.

Check-in is Saturday 17.00 p.m. If the catamaran is ready earlier, we notify you or the client via SMS or email.
Check-out is Saturday 9.00 a.m Maximum check out time.

If they are renting bare boat yes, if they are renting with our skipper, no. We provide a skipper option form for 160 euros/day  

Yes, we provide a host option form for 140 euros/day

Yes, they are.

For Lagoon 50 it’s 5,000 euros, for Lagoon 450 it’s 3,500 euros due on arrival in cash or credit card and it’s fully refunded at the end of the sailing trip after inspection of the catamaran.

They receive an itemized list of the damages with cost indicated and it is deduced from their security deposit.

In principle no, if clients take good care of the catamaran, because it is a multihull and less deep than a classic sailing yacht. This is one of the reasons it’s preferred by renters, lower risk.

Yes, please visit this link: lagoon-nepa.gr/marketplace/

Linen/bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels, sheets, blankets.

Serving/cutlery, silverware, dinnerware, pots & pans, glassware,serving ware, kitchen linen

Paper/ toilet, soft tissue, kitchen. All this equipment is complimentary and at no extra charge.

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